Preventing the flu naturally

As the Flu Season approaches some people have already started getting a flu shot, while others prefer to let their immune system combat the flu virus. The effectiveness of the influenza vaccine depends on 2 factors: the CHARACTERISTICS of the PERSON getting the vaccine (age, health status) and the MATCH between the virus strains used to prepare the vaccine and the viruses currently spread within different communities. ...

If you opt to avoid the flu naturally by strengthening your immune system, here are some tips so that you can effectively do that. While washing your hands several times throughout the day may reduce your risk of getting the flu, you should also keep in mind that boosting your immunity through your diet and lifestyle can also help.

(1) Exercising: 30 minutes of physical activity every day can give your immune system the extra strength. Exercising can also help to reduce stress and its harmful effects on the immune system and therefore your risk of getting any stress-related illnesses is diminished.

(2) Getting a good night’s sleep: Sleeping well at nigh is essential for the immune system to recharge itself. An overly fatigued body doesn’t have the necessary strength to fight off infections. With eight hours a night of solid sleep, your body will be ready to face a new day and ward off germs. ...

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