5 fast-fixes for common health problems

Although seeing your doctor is the best way to treat common health problems, if you want a fast-fix to alleviate some of the symptoms you’ve been suffering, check out the following tips and tricks to some of the most common health problems, such as: anxiety, bloating, dandruff, hay fever and insomnia. ...

(1) Anxiety: Although medication and cognitive therapy are typically used to treat Generalised Anxiety Disorder, if you want a quick-fix to anxiety you can do some aerobic exercise. Research shows that aerobic exercise is the best choice for anxiety reduction. If this is not possible, some breathing techniques may be of help.

(2) Bloating: A probiotic may help you banish bloating because when our good bacterium gets low, we are unable to break down food and prevent yeast overgrowth; this leads to bloating. Try to have a probiotic yoghurt with some berries for breakfast. Flax seeds are also great for bloating. They have high levels of fibre and can help keep the digestive system running smoothly.

(3) Dandruff: To treat more severe dandruff you may need to see a doctor, but you can try shampoos that contain zinc, coal tar or tea tree oil. Anti-fungal shampoos have also been proved to help alleviate the symptoms of dandruff. Other self-medicated treatments include warm olive oil, which you apply to your scalp before rinsing, as well as apple-cider vinegar. Mix apple-cider with water and apply to your scalp, leaving it to dry.

(4) Hay fever: A a fast-fix for hay fever is to plug in an air conditioner. Air conditioners can filter out 99 per cent of airborne pollen. For a sweeter remedy, you could also eat one tablespoon of honey from your local area a day. Although researchers have been unable to prove honey’s effectiveness in relieving hay fever symptoms, lots of people swear by it, claiming that the honey desensitizes you to the pollen.

(5) Insomnia: Although insomnia can be a symptom of other conditions, if you want to have a quick-fix solution you might want to try shutting down your computer. Drinking chamomile tea can relax you so that you can fall asleep quicker. ...

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