Avulsion of Nail or Traumatic Removal

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A toenail or fingernail thats knocked loose is called a nail avulsion. Injuries of nailbed are common, the most often seen type of hand injuries being fingertip injuries.

Causes and Risk factors

The cause way fingertip is frequently injured is being the most distal portion of the upper extremities and a point of interaction between the body and ones surroundings in the majority of activities performed on a daily basis.

Complications of nailbed injuries include nail loss, abnormal growth, nonadherence of new nail, splitting of the nail, soft tissue infection, and osteomyelitis of the underlying distal tuft.

In addition to long-term cosmetic consequences, injuries to the nail can affect daily living. The nail provides protection for the fingertip, offers the ability to pick up small objects, and plays a role in tactile sensation. It also serves as a counter force when the finger pad touches an object; two-point discrimination distance widens substantially with removal of a nail.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Nail injuries are difficult as it is hard to know whether or not a nail will grow back. If it does, the nail that does grow back is frequently not normal. It may have irregularities or be short or curved.

Keep the wound clean with soaks in warm soapy water and keep it covered with triple antibiotic ointment. Narcotic pain medication also can help. Depending of the wound, there may be necessary tetanus immunization. ...

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