Spermatocele (cyst filled with sperm)

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Spermatocele is a benign cystic accumulation of sperm that occurs in upper pole of the testis. Although worrisome for the patient these lesions are benign. Often, spermatocele is asymptomatic. The man in question may discover a lump or mass in observation palpable above the testis of one side of the scrotum or augmentation in size of the scrotum. Symptoms, when present include: scrotal pain, edema (swelling) of the scrotum, redness scrotum, feeling of pressure in the base of the penis.

Spermatocele may develop in different locations, ranging from the testicle itself up to the vas deferens. Usually smooth, well defined and soft spermatocelele described as scrotal masses.

Causes and Risk factors

Spermatocele is a cyst containing sperm located in the epididymis (the coiled tube above and behind both testicles). To touch is soft and compact as a lump in the scrotum, above testicles. Although the cause is often unknown, can be caused by an obstruction in the epididymal ducts, the tubes that carry sperm from the testicles .

Diagnosis and Treatment

Diagnosis the spermatocele is done mostly by examining the scrotum. As part of the physical examination, your doctor may use a special lamp (transilumination) to check for solid masses that may be due to other causes, such as testicular cancer. Because it is spermatocele fluid, light the lamps will pass through it (transilumination). Light will not pass through solid masses of other causes. Testicular ultrasound may be needed to confirm the diagnosis of spermatocele. Spermatocele is usually not dangerous and are treated only when they cause pain or discomfort or causes decreased blood flow to the penis, which happens, fortunately, in cases rare.

The treatment is not usually necessary if spermatocele does not increase in size or if it decreases in size by absorbtion of the content of the body. If spermatocele grows in size or is causing discomfort, it may require to be removed. The high resolution echography of the scrotal is the best method to assess the spermatocele. This may confirm the diagnosis and exclude other pathologies. ...

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