Strangulation of the genitals

Pelvis | Urology | Strangulation of the genitals (Disease)


Application of constricting devices on the external male genitalia for increasing sexual performance is an unusual practice that can potentially lead to penile strangulation with severe consequences.

Causes and Risk factors

A great variety of metallic and non-metallic rings causing constriction the external genitalia has been encountered. The type of the foreign body differs in relation to age.

Penile strangulation with air or elastic rings was common in newborns and children. The insertion of these rings may be accidental or intentional from the patient, a sibling or the parent.

In adults various objects like wedding rings, metal plumbing cuffs, bull rings, bottle necks etc have been used. In adolescents it is usually the result of curiosity or masturbation while in adults the reason is to enhance sexual pleasure, autoerotism or as a result of a psychiatric disorder.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Usually removal is accomplished under general anaesthesia. The urologist must remove the ring with great care to avoid injury to the external genitalia. It should also be kept in mind that removal of these objects may be challenging and require equipment that is not directly available in the urology department. ...

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