Stress incontinence (involuntary urination)

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Urinary incontinence - the loss of bladder control - is a common and often embarrassing problem. The severity of urinary incontinence ranges from occasionally leaking urine when a person coughs or sneezes to having an urge to urinate thats so sudden and strong he/she dont get to a toilet in time. Urinary incontinence is the inability to control the release of urine from the bladder. Some people experience occasional, minor leaks or dribbles of urine. Others wet their clothes frequently.

Causes and Risk factors

Urinary incontinence is not a disease, it is rather a symptom. It can be caused by everyday habits, underlying medical conditions or physical problems. A thorough evaluation by the doctor can help determine whats behind your incontinence. Certain foods, drinks and medications can cause temporary urinary incontinence. A simple change in habits can bring relief.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Treatment for urinary incontinence depends on the type of incontinence, the severity of your problem and the underlying cause. In most cases, the doctor will suggest the least invasive treatments first, so it will be done behavioral techniques and physical therapy first and move on to other options only if these techniques fail. ...