Supplements of iron (iron defficiency)

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Anemia caused by iron deficiency will respond very quickly to more. Supplementation should be continued for several months to restore total body iron stores. You should be aware that anemia may also be caused by deficiency of vitamin B12 or folic acid. Other possible causes of anemia are internal bleeding, adverse effects of certain drugs and toxins present in the body. There is a condition called anemia athletes.

Causes and Risk factors

Anemia is not real, the problem being due to an abnormal destruction of red blood cells by mechanical injury rather than an inadequate dose of iron. Thus, iron supplementation on a daily basis is not justified. To be sure, consult a doctor if signs of anemia.

Iron toxicity is low and the harmful effects of doses of up to 75 mg per day are not alarming to health. The body has an effective mechanism that prevents iron overload, which could cause toxicity. The amount of iron absorbed by the body is carefully adjusted to the intestines, according to body needs. As needs are greater, and the higher absorption rate.

Growing children, pregnant women and anemic individuals have higher rates of absorption of iron. When there is a deficiency, the absorption rate increases 2-3 times above normal. Unfortunately, this response does not appear to be sufficient to prevent anemia in subjects with iron deficiency, which are only partially anemic or whose dose is situated at limit. Between nutrients, iron is the most difficult to obtain in the diet , wide that iron deficiency is the most common type of deficiency in the world.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Iron is available as a supplement individually and as part of many multivitamin and mineral formula. The most common form is iron sulfate, which is very cheap and can irritate the digestive tract. It is recommended iron gluconate, because they are less irritating to the digestive tract and less likely to cause constipation. Like when you buy other minerals, look for the amount of element when choosing an iron supplement. ...