Swelling of the hands

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Water retention in the body is felt in the legs and arms covered by a swelling. Equally common are and bloating, painful breasts or puffy face. This problem is very common in pregnant women and adults in general.

The first signs are when you go far away or stand up a long time. If your feet swell, become red purple, water retention in your body is high. Hormonal changes in the body are also causes of water retention. Sustained consumption of salt is the most common cause of this problem.

Symptoms include swollen area that is glossy, extra pounds in no time and even pain in the area affected by this problem.

Causes and Risk factors

Both women and men are at risk of retaining water in the body, and the result is infiltration of fluid into the tissues causing edema. The general causes of water retention in the body are burnt inappropriate, excessive consumption of drugs, dietary factors (foods with high acidity) or pregnancy.

Moreover, a diet low in protein and vitamins is also a nuisance because of the appearance of water retention in the body. Pathological causes of this phenomenon strictly internal organs. Deficiencies in the kidney, heart, liver, lung, thyroid, and allergies are the causes of water retention.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Diagnosis but will be a conclusion of extensive medical tests, so if you find that your feet and hands swell extended effort, a visit to the doctor can be helpful. To avoid this problem, trying to sleep with a pillow under your feet to keep them above the body. This will give preference to their normal vascularity. Avoid to stay in the same position for long periods. Salt intake should be reduced and the vegetables and fruits in the diet are ideal for improving circulation and promoting fluid balance in the body. Regular movement is another way to avoid water retention problems. Do not forget the table breaks fresh cranberry juice, bananas and cabbage, ideal for reviving tissue and treat water retention problems. ...