Swelling of the lips

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Lip swelling occurs due to different conditions and appears as the increase in volume of the lips.

Symptoms include: pain, swelling, redness, increased warmth. Depending on the cause, lip swelling may be associated with other symptoms such as rash, fever, enlarged lymph nodes, skin laceration, bleeding.

Causes and Risk factors

Lip swelling can result from trauma. Allergic reactions, either to foods or other substances, infections (such as herpes simplex virus) can result in blisters and localized swelling of the lips. Inflammation, infection, cancer or a medication reaction also lead to inflammation and swollen lips. Less commonly, medical conditions that affect the entire body may cause lip swelling, sometimes in association with fluid retention or swelling in other areas of the body.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Diagnosis consists of different tests performed (biopsy, blood tests etc. )

Treatment depends on the cause of the swelling. No treatment may be needed. For trauma, the application of ice may be all that is necessary. Other treatment options include: nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications/NSAIDsother anti-inflammatory medications, pain medications, antibiotics. Surgery may be recommended for cancerous causes of lip swelling. ...