Testicular torsion (twisted testicle)

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Torsion of the testicle occurs when a testicle rotates around the spermatic cord that provides blood flow to the testicle. Thus, blood flow is stopped and appear sharp pain, and severe inflammation. Prolonged testicular torsion can lead to necrosis of the testicle and surrounding tissues.

Causes and Risk factors

Torsion of the testis is common in men aged 10-25 years but can occur at any age. Approximately 65% of cases occur in teenagers aged 12-18 years. The main cause in the most cases of torsion of the testis is an anatomical abnormality present in 12% of men (deformation in the bell of the testicle). This condition allows the spermatic cord to twist more easily, blocking the blood supply to the testicle. The situation may be spontaneous or may be associated with trauma. There is no way to detect this strain. In 40% of men diagnosed with torsion of the testis, anatomical abnormality is present bilaterally (both testicles). If a child suddenly experiencing groin pain will require emergency care.

Diagnosis and Treatment

In general, testicular torsion requires emergency surgery. If handled in a few hours, the testicle is usually saved. As the waiting period is extended are more likely to occur and be permanent damage affected the ability of procreation. When blood flow is blocked for too long, may be necessary even remove the testicle.

Testicular torsion is considered a surgical emergency because the testis to be saved. Since you may need surgery, no child will be offered to eat or drink before requiring medical care. Joint pain is severe, can be intermittent but not disappear. They can be located both in the scrotum but also of one of the testicles. Other events found for torsion of the testis are: Swelling, especially on one side of the scrotum; Nausea and vomiting;Abdominal pain; One testicle seems to be larger than the other. Sometimes, the spermatic cord can twist and return to normal position without treatment. This situation is called torsion of the testicle and can be a predisposing factor for testicular torsion other in the future. ...