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Ticks are hematophagous parasites belong to the class arachnids, meaning they feed on host blood. Although a tick bite does not hurt, it is very dangerous. Their bites do not hurt, but it can be extremely dangerous. It is therefore essential to distinguish the tick bite from a mosquito bite, or ant bite.

The first signs usually appear only a few days after being bitten and consist of fever, rash and possibly even redness and itching in the affected area. It is extremely important that when a person notices these symptoms, he/she contacts immediately a doctor, because the incident could have serious consequences for health.

Ticks are in the category of vector transmission can transmit various diseases and other pathogens: viruses, bacteria and parasites.

Causes and Risk cancer

The bite of a tick can cause Lyme disease. Lyme disease is known as the disease with a thousand faces because it affects the whole body, and symptoms mimic those of other diseases. It also can lead to a particular type of meningoencephalitis and, in some cases, may progress to anaphylactic shock even. If a woman is pregnant, she should know that such a bite can be life threatening to the fetus because the placenta can lead to infection and subsequent abortion.

Diagnosis and Treatment

The tick should be removed and the area disinfected quickly. Doctors warn that it is important to remove the tick in order to clean the area, but if a person wants to do it at home, it is required to wear gloves for protection. If the incident occurs, the tick can be carefully removed using tweezers. ...

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