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Oral health is extremely important, because if it is defective various other diseases can occur in the body. In addition, often, it can even betray the existence of disease in the body. Body language is often neglected, but has its problems and its needs. The tongue should be cleaned, because so many bacteria begin to host.

A study at the University of Michigan shows that one third of the bacteria found on the tongues of men not found elsewhere in the mouth. Germs left there can cause bad breath and body can color a yellowish hue. Tongue can be affected by cancer, it is not detected only in the very serious often, because of lack of care in terms of mouth. From time to time, the tongue in the mirror and analyze it, being alert to any change in color, possibly red bumps or odd bumps.

Often neglected by sick for a long time, signs include a discomfort swallowing, pain, bleeding, a fetid bad breath, swelling of lymph nodes under the jaw and upper neck, an ulcer (loss of substance) with irregular edges that can bleed.

Causes and Risk factors

Alcohol and tobacco use are the strongest risk factors for oral cancers, including those of the tongue. Oral cancers are more common in men than in women and typically occur after the age of 40.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Three types of treatments are possible, either independent or associated: surgery (or tongue tumor ablation, ablation of lymph nodes), radiotherapy and chemotherapy. If the tongue is removed, the patient having a hard time to eat and speak. An injury even minimal language that will not heal by itself within two weeks always require a medical consultation provided by an otolaryngologist. ...

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