Transient global amnesia

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Transient global amnesia is identified by its main symptom, which is the inability to form new memories and to recall the recent past. Once that symptom is confirmed, ruling out other possible causes of amnesia is important.

Causes and Risk factors

The underlying cause of transient global amnesia is unknown. There appears to be a link between transient global amnesia and a history of migraines, though the underlying factors that contribute to both conditions arent fully understood.

The clearest risk factors are: Age (People age 50 and older have a higher risk of transient global amnesia than do younger people) and history of migraines (If you have migraines, your risk of transient global amnesia is significantly higher than that of someone without migraines).

Diagnosis and Treatment

No treatment is needed for transient global amnesia. It resolves on its own and has no confirmed aftereffects. ...