Tumor in the spinal cord

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Spinal cord tumors are benign or malignant formations occurring at or near the spinal cord or vertebrae. Although back pain is the most common manifestation of a spinal tumor, most back pain is associated with stress and aging, with no tumor pathology.

In most regions of benign tumors do not pose particular challenges, but for spinal cord tumors (even benign) can cause serious health problems such as nerve compression pain appeared, neurological disorders, paralysis and sometimes even cause bone marrow.

Spinal cord tumor symptoms include: back pain, often in other parts of the body irradiated with nocturnal aggravation; lack of nerve sensation and appearance of muscle weakness, especially in the legs; difficulty walking, sometimes leading to falls; decreased sensitivity to pain, hot or cold. Back pain, especially the middle and lower thorax, is the most common symptom of spinal cord tumors.

The pain may worsen at night or upon awakening, and may radiate from the spine to the hips, legs or arms and may deteriorate despite treatment. Spinal cord tumors have a variable growth rate. In general, malignant tumors grow rapidly, while benign tumors grow slowly, sometimes evolving for years or even decade.

Causes and Risk factors

This syndrome is an inherited disease characterized by the appearance of neurinoms (benign) acoustic nerve, leading to progressive hearing loss - unilateral or bilaterally. Some people who suffer from type 2 neurofibromatosis develop tumors in the arachnoid layer of the coating that covers the spinal cord.

A spinal cord tumor, whether benign or malignant, can be life threatening and can cause permanent disability, but today there are many therapeutic approaches to these clinical affections. The manifestations varies depending on location and type of tumor, as a tumor can lead to compress nerves and blood vessels to erode even vertebrae.

In despite scientists are increasingly more things about genetic and environmental factors causing many types of tumors, spinal tumors about too many things not known regarding the cause of occurrence. It is known that bone marrow cells contain some genes that are inherited and which may be associated with various neoplastic syndromes .

Diagnosis and Treatment

The goal of treatment is to reduce or prevent nerve damage from pressure on (compression of) the spinal cord. Treatment should given quickly. The faster symptoms develop, the sooner treatment is needed to prevent permanent injury. Any new or unexplained back pain in a patient with cancer should be taken seriously.