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Umbilical hernias consist of abdominal organ exteriorization (omentum or small bowel) under the skin through the hole cord, which is enlarged. he main symptom of an umbilical hernia is a bulge located at the navel, soft consistency. Uncomplicated umbilical hernia is not usually painful.

Umbilical hernia is usually present at birth, but cannot be seen immediately. A hernia usually is not visible when umbilical stump falls off (a few days to several weeks after birth). Hernia size can vary from a few millimeters to about 1-5 inches in diameter. Uncomplicated umbilical hernia can be pushed back into the abdomen with the finger (is reducible). Hernia becomes more evident when the child cries or coughs. Some umbilical hernias have a large amount of skin that covers them. Although they are not dangerous, they attract more attention than other umbilical hernias because of their unusual appearance.

Causes and Risk factors

Component defect is most commonly involved in the etiology of umbilical hernia. Other causes of umbilical hernia are: expanding umbilical ring with the extent of abdominal wall in pregnant women, obesity, belts drastic weight loss, cough, constipation.

Pain may be present with varying degrees of intensity from a simple discomfort until the pain intense, persistent, sometimes accompanied by vomiting - as happened in strangulated hernia. With causes mechanical hernia cannot be solved only by surgical means.

Diagnosis and Treatment

The goal of surgery is to restore the contents of the hernia and the abdominal cavity to restore abdominal wall integrity. Approach can be classic (open surgery) or laparoscopy. In both cases repair abdominal wall is through with his prosthetic mesh reinforcement. In case of hernia treatment by open approach, the net can be positioned inside the peritoneal cavityi (situation requires using special nets to allow mounting in direct contact with internal organs), behind the muscular layer or abdominal sheath righteous - Stoppa procedure.

In laparoscopic hernia treatment net placed inside the peritoneal cavity. Therefore it will use composite prosthesis, which allows direct contact with internal organs. Fixing mesh is made with titanium or absorbable pins. T...

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