Urinary Retention or Inability to Urinate

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Urinary retention refers to the unable to meet the need of emptying their bladder. There are different types of retention of urine: retention of urine is complete or incomplete as it is impossible or partial bladder removal; Full retention of urine is caused most often in men, a prostate adenoma and the woman, a neurological disorder or sphincter.

It reveals brutal: is urgent need to urinate, the bladder is tense, painful and palpable (ball bladder). Retention requires a urethral catheterization or disposed as by applying a suprapubic catheter, and then looking for the cause through various tests. Retention of urine is sometimes incomplete neurological origin (related to a diabetes or a spinal consecutive), the often obstructive (narrowing of the bladder neck, a calculation or prostate cancer, a uterine fibroid). It is revealed gradually through urination disorders: urination while close to each other, weak urine stream, sensation of incomplete bladder emptying, incontinence or urinary infection sometimes.

Bladder is often relaxed its dome is palpable above the pubis. Pain in lower abdomen, enlargement of the abdomen, the need to urinate, accompanied by painful spasms of the bladder sphincter are the most common symptoms. Retention should be distinguished from anuria, the patient does not urinate because the kidneys produce urine so the bladder is empty, and the patient has no sensation at urination. The food excess, especially alcohol causes a decompensating with the consequences of retention of urine bladder cannot remove it.

Causes and Risk factors

Urinary retention occurs when an individual can not fully empty the bladder and urinary sensation despite the effort. Urinary retention can be acute or chronic. Any disease that causes physical blockage of the urethra can cause urinary retention.

Another cause of the urinary retention is the dysfunction of the nerves which control the urination. The causes that control the urinary retention are: benign prostatic hyperplasia, constipation, cystocele,diabetes, genital herpes in women, multiple sclerosis,prostate cancer, prostatitis, stroke,urinary tract infections, vaginal, cystitis,neurogenic bladder, medications, spinal trauma vertebrale.

Diagnosis and Treatment

With acute urinary retention, treatment begins with the insertion of a catheter through the urethra to drain the bladder. This initial treatment relieves the immediate distress of a full bladder and prevents permanent bladder damage. Long-term treatment for any case of urinary retention depends on the cause. ...

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