Urinary Tract Malformations

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The malformations of the urinary tract are common defects that can affect the kidneys, the ureter or the bladder. They are usually discovered by accident or during a urinary tract infection in children.

Causes and Risk Factors

Urinary malformations generally result in poor flow of urine. These are stagnating and are more prone to get infected. This is often how they occur, especially in children, in the classic vesicoureteral reflux is the most common malformations of the lower urinary tract.

Other urinary malformations affect the upper tract (kidney and ureter). The anomaly of the UPJ is between the kidney and renal pelvis, i. e. the cavity that receives the urine produced by the kidneys.

Sometimes, the malformation occurs in the kidney itself: renal agenesis (small kidney), kidney horseshoe, solitary kidney, three instead of two kidneys, etc.

Diagnosis and treatment

The diagnosis can be suggested during routine prenatal ultrasound (hydronephrosis) and occasionally by physical examination. However, most abnormalities are suspected when a child develops a lower urinary tract infection.

Treatment is always surgical and usually with an excellent success rate. However, often the defect does not affect patient's life. ...

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