Uterine or Uterus Rupture during Labour

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Uterine rupture is a solution of continuity that affects the integrity of pregnant uterus. Obstetric uterine rupture is an emergency of extreme gravity, half of all cases of uterine rupture life threatening mother. Can occur during pregnancy or during labor. The incidence of uterine rupture vary widely, ranging from 1 per 1424 to 1 per 3000 births. Factors that may favor the appearance of uterine rupture are: multiparity (five or more children); fetal macrosomia, hydrocephalus; abnormal uterine; ovular abnormalities .

Causes and Risk factors

Urge the uterus uterine rupture can occur during labor or during the expulsion. Uterine rupture during labor is due to: Secondary to intense contractions; excessive stimulation of the uterus with oxytocin or prostaglandin; after injection of prostaglandin; after internal version; after external trauma.

Other causes are: myomectomy; resection of the uterine horn; uterine perforation or secondary trauma maneuvers. The impending uterine rupture is characterized by: Anxiety and agitation of the pregnant woman; Intense abdominal pain; More intense and longer contractions succeeding in increasingly short intervals of time; Tachycardia and tachypnea.

Diagnosis and Treatment

If the baby has not been delivered, then an emergency c-section is scheduled immediately. Hopefully there isn’t too severe of damage to the uterus and the bleeding is easily controlled, otherwise a hysterectomy will be necessary. If there isn’t much damage to the uterus, and if bleeding can be kept under control, then doctors will do their best to repair the uterus. This process generally calls for a blood transfusion for the mother, due to the amount of blood loss, plus antibiotics are given to prevent infection. ...

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