Vocal Cord Nodules or Voice Box

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There are many formations that can occur on the vocal cords, including malignant or benign tumors. Self-called vocal nodules are like small growths of connective tissue on both vocal cords.

Causes and Risk factors

When vocal cords are touching each other frequently, these nodules may occur. Therefore, nodules appear to professionals working in areas where vocal cords are in high demand: singers, teachers. Over time there is a forcing of the vocal cords.

Gastro-esophageal reflux disease (GERD) can cause vocal nodules. But, it may also be the cause of chronic laryngitis. Laryngitis due to GERD is becoming more common. The esophageal sphincter does not function properly and gets gastric fluid into the esophagus. Therefore, currently, about 40% of the chronic laryngitis are due to reflux esophagitis. However, only nose and throat specialists can determine whether a patient has vocal nodules, cysts on the vocal cords, polyps or chronic laryngitis.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Vocal nodules can be treated with drugs - insulin injections offer, to some extent, a relief for the condition. If they are larger, surgery may be needed: traditional or laryngoscopy. Laser is less used for vocal nodules, as it may leave scars on the vocal cords, which is irreversible scarring. Also, if the vocal nodules need surgery, rehabilitation is needed after that. There are other benign formations that can be developed in the larynx. For example, the vocal cords may develop a cyst of the epithelial tissue. In this case, all the benign tumors that can be removed surgically. However, risk can occur with malignant polyps in time. In five percent of cases, polyps on the vocal cords can become cancerous. Therefore, patients with polyps on the vocal cords should be monitored closely. In such situations, most often, surgery and removal of polyps are recommended. ...