Wegener Granulomatosis in Blood Vessels

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Condition characterized by inflammation and necrosis affect vessel walls (angitis) supplying the respiratory tract (nasal passages, pharynx, larynx, bronchi) and kidneys. Rare and of unknown cause, Wegeners granulomatosis is one of the autoimmune disease, during which the body produces antibodies against its own tissues.

Researchers assume that the initial trigger of inflammation would be an infection, environmental toxins, genetic predisposition or a combination of these factors. In some cases, the disease is confined to the respiratory tract and does not affect the kidneys. Renal involvement causes no symptoms in the initial phase of the disease, so there can be established only through blood and urine tests. In advanced stages it can affect kidney failure and anemia.

Causes and Risk factors

Wegener granulomatosis cause is unknown, but it is known that there is no infection, no cancer. It seems that the disease develops as a result of an initial inflammatory process that causes an abnormal reaction of the immune system. This combination of factors leads to inflammation and constriction of blood vessels and the formation of inflammatory structures called granulomas.

It reaches particularly adults between 40 and 50 years, more often men than women. The disease is manifested by a purulent discharge from the nose, a sinusitis, an ear infection, mouth ulcers and multiple and bilateral lesions of the lungs and bronchi, giving rise to a cough and a straight respiratory embarrassment. Reaching Renal translates present in urine, and blood protein (proteinuria and hematuria), it evolves towards a kidney failure worsens rapidly.

Diagnosis and Treatment

The treatment and the prognosis - is oral immunosuppressive treatment and high doses of corticosteroids or plasma exchanging. Treatment should be followed for several weeks, even for several months, but the disease does not always evolve into renal failure, leading to need dialysis for life. ...

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