Fibroadenoma of the breast (benign tumors)

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Fibroadenomas of the breast, are lumps composed of fibrous and glandular tissue. Because breast cancer can also appear as a lump, doctors may recommend a tissue sample (biopsy) to rule out cancer in older patients. Unlike typical lumps from breast cancer, fibroadenomas are easy to move, with clearly defined edges. Most breast lumps are soft, rubbery, and nontender.

Causes and Risk factors

Benign breast disease is a term that describes a large class of breast ailments that can cause breast lumps or breast pain, but are not breast cancer. Common types of benign breast disease include breast calcifications, fibrocystic breast disease, breast fibroadenoma, mastitis, and intraductal papilloma.

The typical case is the presence of a painless, firm, solitary, mobile, slowly growing lump in the breast of a woman of childbearing years.

In the male breast, fibroepithelial tumors are very rare, and are mostly phyllodes tumors. Exceptionally rare case reports exist of fibroadenomas in the male breast, however these cases may be associated with antiandrogen treatment.

Diagnosis and Treatment

The diagnosis of fibroadenoma is made by biopsy. Treatment may involve surgical removal. Fibroadenomas are rare in postmenopausal women. Juvenile fibroadenomas are rapidly growing, benign breast tumors that occur in adolescent females. ...