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A fracture (break) can occur in any of the bones in the hand. Each bone is named. The fracture can be simple (two fragments) or comminuted (many fragments). The fracture can be closed (no break in the skin) or open (compound) where there is a break in the skin over the fracture. Fractures can be complicated by the involvement of the joints at either end of the bone (Intra-articular fracture). Fractures may occur as part of a more complex injury where there has been damage to other tissues such as tendons, nerves and blood vessels.

Causes and Risk factors

Most hand fractures occur as a result of direct trauma to the hand. Commonly an object either falls on the hand or the hand strikes an object. When he hand fracture occurs common symptoms include: pain, swelling, a palpable deformity, difficulty moving the fingers.

Hand fractures, a frequent emergency department complaint, are the most common fractures of the body. Proper management at initial evaluation of hand injuries can prevent a significant amount of morbidity and disability.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Treatment will depend on the nature of the fracture sustained this includes assessment of which bone is involved, the site of the fracture in the bone, the amount of any deformity, whether more than one bone has been broken and any other associated injuries that may have occurred. An orthopedic surgeon will need to reduce the fracture site and apply a splint or cast. In some cases, the reduction may require surgery. ...

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