Hematocele (testicular blood clot)

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A hematocele is a medical term used to describe a collection of blood in the scrotum of males. Symptoms of hematocele may include Pain in scrotum, bruising in scrotum, swelling.

Causes and Risk factors

The scrotum is the pouch or sac that contains the testicles. A hematocele tends to develop relatively quickly following surgery or a traumatic injury involving the scrotum. In many cases, this collection of blood in the scrotum develops into a hardened mass that can become quite uncomfortable, especially if it begins to grow in size.

Diagnosis and Treatment

While a hematocele itself is benign, meaning that it does not contain cancer cells, finding the reason for the blood accumulation is very important. If there has been no recent trauma or surgery involving the groin area, more tests must be done to find the cause. In some cases, testicular cancer can lead to bleeding, which may lead to the formation of an hematocele.

Treatment options range from bed rest to surgical intervention, depending on the cause of the hematocele and the amount of discomfort it causes to the patient.


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