Inflammation of the scalp

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A scalp inflammation is a chronic problem of the scalp that is quite impossible to ignore due to the hellish discomfort it brings with it. Inflammation of the scalp has many vivid symptoms that are very easy to identify and cannot be suppressed. If a person suffers from excessive scalp tenderness, redness on the scalp, psoriasis, scaling, extreme itchiness and/or series of scalp bumps/pimples, you are showing symptoms of a severe scalp inflammation. This type of condition usually occurs when theres an underlying problem.

Causes and Risk factors

The cause of a scalp inflammation could be several things ranging from hygienic negligence, diet, stress, internal hormonal imbalances or a bacterial/fungal infection. A scalp inflammation can be best described as a kind of scalp condition characterized by severe itching, redness and scalp pimples, oily scalp, excessive flaking, crusting and even bleeding. Scalp Inflammation occurs when one small issue, such as one or two bumps (also known as pimples) on the scalp, multiplies and becomes intense to the point where the discomfort it causes rises to an highly intolerable degree.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Treatment depends on the cause but may include: nothing, cold compress, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications/NSAIDs (ibuprofen, naproxen), pain medications such as acetaminophen, and/or antibiotics. ...