Ingrown toenail (onicocriptosis)

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This term makes reference to an inflammatory painful process of the skin that surrounds the nails of the toes, especially the skin of the first toe.

Causes and Risk factors

An ingrown toenail emerges when the border of the nail is buried within the skin. It is possible the emergence of symptoms like pain, redness, and inflammation surrounding the nail.

This condition also receives the name of onicocriptosis (unguis incarnatus), it is very common and as a general rule it attacks the nail of the big toe, although any other toe can also be affected by this condition. An ingrown toenail can be the result of having curved nails, tight shoes, nails trimmed improperly, or an injured toe. The skin that surrounds the ingrown toenail can get infected. If this condition is not treated on time on diabetic persons, it can become severe.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Regarding the treatment warm soaks and topical antibiotics like can help minor conditions heal. Oral antibiotics may be needed. Sometimes some or all of the nail must be removed. ...