Iron overdose

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Iron is found in many vitamin and mineral supplements in varying concentrations. Iron is mainly found in three different forms: ferrous sulfate, ferrous fumarate, ferrous gluconate. Different forms of supplements contain different amounts of elemental Fe. Exceeding the recommended dose can result in overdose. Many brands of ferrous tablets are sugar coated and are brightly colored. They look like candy and children are attracted towards the tablets. Consequently, overdose is fairly common in children.

Considered to be toxic dose depends on the childs weight. For example, a child of 8 years may be asymptomatic even ingest a quantity large enough to cause serious illness in a child of 3 years. Generally, it is considered that symptoms occur at doses exceeding 10 mg / kg. Then, as dose increases, the intensity of symptoms is greater. Iron is used as a vitamin supplement regimen for pediatric use and for pregnant women to treat anemia. Besides children, are likely risk of iron poisoning and patients with anemia who are on chronic treatment with iron. Iron is found in various forms in nature as it is oxidized, insoluble. Is the soluble form of ferrous, but it is also going to determine toxic phenomena. Toxicity is of two types: cellular toxicity and corrosion.

Corrosive action occurs directly, iron is highly toxic in large quantities on the gastrointestinal mucosa. Corrosive nature of injuries that may occur at this level is expressed clinically by nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, haematemesis (vomiting of partially digested blood) and diarrhea. In severe cases patients can swerve (in haemodynamically) due to blood loss. So their health is complicated by significant electrolyte disturbances.

Adult patients gastrointestinal symptoms if ingested an amount greater than 20 mg / kg of iron. As the dose is increased, the more and more important simpotmelor severity. Thus, toxicity is moderate when the dose is 40 mg / kg and becomes life threatening to over 60 mg / kg. Toxic doses are lower for children, their bodies are more sensitive.

Causes and Risk factors

Iron overdose occurs when someone takes large amount of iron supplements. It can be accidental or intentional. Overdose of iron is a serious condition and is extremely dangerous in children. Toxic effects due to absorption of a cell are very high amounts of iron that is toxic and can interfere with cellular processes mainly mitochondrial, leading to cell death. In overdoses of iron most affected organ is the liver, but can suffer kidney, lungs and heart.

If long loads of body iron appear chronic, especially liver and heart, and patients can die if severe myocardial siderosis.

Iron poisoning is the most common cause of pediatric mortality due to accidental ingestion of potentially toxic substances. This type of poisoning can cause long-term complications and prognosis of acute injuries (especially ...