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Urgency incontinence (UI) is an unwanted leakage of urine that occurs shortly after intense and sudden desire to urinate. An additional symptom of overactive bladder often noticed, usually in the elderly, is nocturia, awakening more than 2 times a night to urinate, an event that affects sleep. This condition affects men and women of all ages, although its incidence increases significantly with age.

Causes and Risk factors

UI is caused by involuntary bladder contractions that occur when the bladder fills. The UI, a person may be conscious of a feeling of urgency, but is unable to stop before reaching the toilet drain. Urine loss is usually in large quantities or wet underwear and other clothes on top. Sometimes an event may cause loss of urine. Some common events that are flowing hearing rebinetului syndrome key in the door. Anticipating urination may cause spasm of the bladder.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Only a doctor can diagnose the problem of bladder control and can determine the correct treatment. It is a simple test that doctors use and can be done also at home in order to define if a person suffers of incontinence or stress incontinence emergency. ...

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