Liver injury (liver laceration)

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The liver is in the right upper abdomen partially protected by the ribs.

There are multiple different types of injuries ranging from a bruise to complete destruction of the liver. Liver injuries can bleed a great deal and lead to death if not treated immediately. A patient cannot live without a liver so only the damaged parts of the liver that cannot be saved will be removed. The liver can regenerate itself if the bleeding can be stopped. Some liver injuries occur after a biopsy of the liver is taken.

Symptoms of a liver injury may include right upper abdominal pain, abdominal swelling, abdominal tenderness, blood in the stool, blood in the urine, vomiting, jaundice, brown urine, rapid pulse, faintness, and fainting, fast heart rate, nausea, weak pulse.

Causes and Risk factors

Causes of liver injury include altercations, car accidents, falls and sports injuries, stabbing or gunshots. Types of liver injury include liver contusion (bruising of the liver), liver laceration (cut to the liver), liver rupture (bursting injury of the liver)

Diagnosis and Treatment

Blood tests and a CT scan are performed to determine the degree of the injury.

Some injuries can be treated in hospitals to make sure that there is no constant bleeding, others require surgery to repair the injury. A blood transfusion is sometimes needed. ...

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