Maxillary sinus carcinoma (tumor)

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The maxillary sinuses are a subset of the paranasal sinuses and can generally be thought of as the sinuses, or cavities, beneath the cheeks and on the sides of the nose. The maxillary sinuses are the most common region that paranasal sinus cancer arises, and most cancers in the maxillary sinuses are squamous cell carcinomas, meaning they arise from flat, thin cells in the epidermis lining the maxillary sinus.

Causes and Risk factors

People who are exposed to mustard gas, isopropyl oils, volatile hydrocarbons, or metals like nickel and chromiumhave an increased risk of developing paranasal cancer including maxillary sinus cancer.

Tobacco use increases the risk of developing the most common form of maxillary sinus cancer (squamous cell carcinoma) although tobaccos role in other types of paranasal and maxillary sinus cancer is less clear.

Diagnosis and Treatment

A history and physical exam will be performed. Imaging and a biopsy are done to establish the diagnosis.

Treatment depends on the extent and type of cancer but may include surgery, chemotherapy, and/or radiation therapy. ...