Micturition syncope (fainting urination)

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Micturition (or post-micturition) syncope is fainting during or, more commonly, immediately after urination due to a severe drop in blood pressure. Micturition syncope is most common in older men and usually occurs at night after a deep sleep. Other factors that may play a role in micturition syncope include: alcohol, hunger, fatigue, dehydration, medical conditions, such as a respiratory infection.

Causes and Risk factors

The exact cause of micturition syncope isnt fully understood. But it may be related to opening (vasodilation) of the blood vessels that occurs when getting up and standing at the toilet or that occurs at the rapid emptying of a full bladder. This is thought to result in a sudden drop in blood pressure.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Micturition syncope is uncommon and should be evaluated by a doctor because it may indicate an underlying medical condition. Prevention of micturition syncope depends on recognizing the factors that contribute to micturition syncope and avoiding them.