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Nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) is liver inflammation caused by a buildup of fat in the liver. Many people have a buildup of fat in the liver, and for most people it causes no symptoms and no problems. But in some people, the fat causes inflammation of the liver. Because of the inflammation, the liver doesnt work as well as it should.

Causes and Risk factors

NASH is similar to the kind of liver disease that is caused by long-term, heavy drinking. But NASH occurs in people who dont abuse alcohol.

Experts dont know why some people with a buildup of fat in the liver get NASH and some dont. It could be that something in the environment triggers the inflammation in those people. Or maybe it runs in their families.

NASH can get worse and cause scarring of the liver, which leads to cirrhosis. But the disease doesnt always get worse.

Things that put people at risk for NASH and for liver damage include: obesity, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol and high triglycerides, metabolic syndrome.

Most people who have NASH are 40 to 50 years old and have one or more of the problems listed above, but NASH can happen in people who have none of these risk factors.

Diagnosis and Treatment

There is no treatment for NASH. But you may be able to limit damage to your liver by managing conditions that increase your risk for NASH or make it worse. You can: reduce your total cholesterol level, reach a healthy weight, control diabetes, stop or cut back on drinking alcohol, exercise regularly. ...

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