Pepto bismol or kaopectate ingestion (bismuth)

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Bismuth is an abundant element that features the highest diamagnetic properties of any metal as well as one of the lowest thermal conductivity ratings. In fact, only mercury has a lower thermal conductivity. The physical aspects of bismuth include a hard, brittle and heavy metallic finish that is white in color tinged with a hint of pink hue.

Causes and Risk factors

Bismuth can enter the body through three means - inhalation, ingestion and through skin absorption. The most common exposures to bismuth include working in close correlation with the element. For instance, a plumber who uses a lot of solder can be exposed to bismuth by breathing in the fumes from soldering in a confined space. Bismuth compounds are used in a number of applications where it can come in direct contact with the body. Bismuth subsalicylate, better known as Pepto-Bismol, is used to treat diarrhea and minor stomach problems, such as stomach inflammation.

Chronic ingestion of bismuth causes a distinctive dark line around the gums known as a bismuth line and can affect the kidneys and liver. Ingestion of insoluble bismuth salts can cause headaches, kidney damage and rashes.

Diagnosis and Treatment

A history and physical exam will be done. The doctor may test the black stool for blood using an heme-occult blood card. This is an office test and the result is known in 30 seconds. No treatment is required. The stool color should return to normal in a few days. ...

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