Perforated septum (hole in the nasal septum)

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A hole in the nasal septum, the wall inside the nose that runs down the middle dividing it into two sides. The hole provides a direct communication between the two normally-separate sides of the nose.

The signs and symptoms of nasal septum perforation include crusting within the nose, bleeding and discharge from the nose and, most dramatically, whistling on inspiration (caused by air whistling through the perforation).

Causes and Risk factors

Perforation of the nasal septum can be due to trauma (such as a blow to the nose, picking the nose, etc), drug abuse (as, for example, cocaine), an abscess, or certain diseases (for example, Wegner granulomatosis). It is a very complex problem and it can also occur due to a previous surgery.

Nasal septal perforation presents a distinct challenge to otorhinolaryngologists, and is a problem for patients. Generally speaking, most symptomatic perforations are large in size and involve the anterior portion of the septum; while posterior perforations tend to be less symptomatic because of the rapid humidification of the inspired air mucosal lining and the protection of the turbinate.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Treatment is by surgical closure of the perforation (a procedure that frequently fails) or by the insertion of a specially designed septal button in the hole. ...

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