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Annoyance is the mildest form of anger, and rage is the most intense. Its a remnant of early evolution--the fight-or-flight response that enables us to deal with threats. People in a state of rage become physically violent, and are unable to be calmed until the source of anger is no longer present or the person is incapacitated.

Causes and Risk factors

Rage is a primal reaction, considered to be an emergency state. People who have feelings of rage on a regular basis tend to be depressed as well. When feelings of rage are repressed, they can cause stress on the heart.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Depression, anger and rage symptoms are treatable. Depression can be medicated to treat the chemical imbalances present in the brain, and cognitive-behavioral therapy can be used as a teaching tool to deal with the negative thought processes. Anger management classes teach healthy anger responses such as breathing exercises, meditation and communication exercises.


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