Shigellosis (shigella infection)

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Dysentery is an infection of human specific, acute and / or chronic, highly contagious.

The symptoms are: acute onset (incubation is 3-7 days); chills, fever of 38-39 ° C on 2-3 and several days; signs of intoxication: single or repeated vomiting, headache, malaise; abdominal cramps as hypoabdomen located more frequently on the left, nausea, repeated vomiting; tenses (irradiation , sacral pain during sex and defecation for 3 to 5 min. After him); liquid stool frequently (10-25 times per day) - in small quantity, looking for mashed potato, the mixture of mucus and streaks of blood, later purulent; false stools; loin tongue; abdominal tenderness more pronounced in the left iliac fossa; distended check and painful to touch; discomfort in the epigastric region; Often hepatomegaly, signs of damage to the pancreas.

Causes and Risk factors

Shigella infection is caused by bacteria of the genus Shigella

Damage is characterized by the preponderance of distal colon, manifested clinically by general toxicity (fever, malaise, headache) and colitis (abdominal pain, diarrhea, frequently, in over 3 days, poor, with mucus and streaks of blood). Pathogens are Gram-negative bacteria: Shigella dizenteriae, Shigella flexneri, Shigella Sonne, Shigella boydii.

Transmission is through fecal-oral mechanism, by the usual fluid and food. Is recorded in all seasons to rise during summer. Responsiveness is overall, but high in children.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Diagnosis is determined based on typical complaints, epidemiological history, clinical signs objectives, the relevant seats and the results of bacteriological examinations. Differential Diagnosis - food poisoning, salmonellosis, cholera, intestinal protozoa. The source of infection is patient and carrier of germs.

For the first 12-24 hours patients receiving only fluids enriched with electrolytes (salty vegetable soup, lemon rice, mineral water, soda, mint tea, carrot juice) to combat dehydration, then he added crackers, rice, steamed vegetables, fresh cow cheese. Subsequently, a good tolerance, proceed to yogurt, minced meat and cooked (after improving seat), eggs to gradually diversify to normal eating. For the entire period to complete cure disease raw fruits and vegetables, cabbage, eggplant salad, beans, potatoes in any form, smoked, chocolate will be excluded from the ratio. ...