Novartis | Butazolidine (Medication)


Butazolidine/phenylbutazone is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) effective in treating fever, pain, and inflammation in the body. As a group, NSAIDs are non-narcotic relievers of mild to moderate pain of many causes, including injury, menstrual cramps, arthritis and other musculoskeletal conditions.

Since the response to different NSAIDs varies from patient to patient, it is not unusual for a doctor to try a variety NSAIDs for any given condition. However, because of an unique risk of bone marrow suppression (causing dangerously low white blood counts), phenylbutazone is generally reserved only for short-term use in selected patients. ...

Side Effect:

Side effects may include:Arms and legs:swelling of lower legs, ankles, or feet; Bladder and kidneys:blood in urine; decreased amount of urine; Eyes, ears, nose, and throat:blurred vision; ringing in the ears

Heart and blood vessels:low blood pressure; Nervous system:agitation; coma; confusion; convulsions; dizziness; drowsiness; incoherence; severe headache; unsteadiness; Skin:blisters; rash; Stomach and intestines:diarrhea; heartburn; nausea and vomiting, possible with blood; stomach pain. ...


Tell your doctor your medical history especially of:liver or kidney disease, blood disorders, ulcers, heart disease, alcohol use, high blood pressure, eye disease, asthma, nasal polyps, any allergies - especially aspirin/NSAID allergy (e. g. , ibuprofen, celecoxib).

Use caution when performing tasks requiring alertness. Limit alcohol intake as it may intensify the drowsiness effect of this medication. This medicine may cause stomach bleeding. Daily use of alcohol, especially when combined with this medicine, may increase your risk for stomach bleeding. Check with your doctor or pharmacist for more information.

Do not take aspirin without consulting your doctor. Check the ingredients of any nonprescription medication you may be taking since many cough-and-cold formulas contain aspirin.

Infrequently, this medication may increase the skin's sensitivity to sunlight. If this happens to you, avoid prolonged sun exposure, wear protective clothing and use a sunscreen. Avoid sunlamps.

Caution is advised when this drug is used in the elderly.

During pregnancy and breastfeeding is not recommended to use this medicine without your doctor's advice. ...