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iValueHealth.NET is a Health related multilingual platform (or Hub) where users can access basic medical information, health applications and connect with healthcare professionals in just 2 clicks. World's first & leader in connecting all healthcare ecosystem in one place.


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The portal has three types of content: (1) Medical information on medicine field, symptoms, diseases and medications (2) Healthcare professionals can publish and share articles (text, images and videos) about what’s going on, best practices, trends, research work etc. (3) Applications or services. The website currently has more than 50+ services and a roadmap of 100+ services to be launched by end of 2012.

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The platform is enriched by all actors, by each service and by each nation. Everyone’s contribution will make it richer and everyone will benefit from its richness; these contributions lead to point systems implemented in platform, leading to potential “social ownership”.

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Paris, France