Calf Swelling

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Calf swelling can occur due to various causes and these can include: injuries, infections, specific conditions like standing for long periods of time and certain diseases.


Trauma such as motorcycle accidents, falls or sports-related accidents are possible to present consequence like a deep calf bruise, muscle strain, lower leg fracture or wounds can produce a calf injury. The calf can also be injured from overuse and repetitive activities such as running or jumping.

In particular, cellulitis is a bacterial infection that often affects the lower legs, characterized by swollen, red skin that may be warm to the touch. It could be superficial only or spread to tissues and the lymph system. Cellulitis may start out in the leg and travel to other body parts as well.

A condition such as deep vein thrombosis (DVT) or a blood clot can form in the calf area. This can cause redness, swelling, pain, heat or tenderness in the area. Also diseases such as Diabetes or Congestive heart failure can lead to swelling in the lower legs. Standing on your feet too long on an unforgiving surface such as concrete can cause calf swelling. If you are pregnant or overweight, standing for long periods of time might result in lower leg inflammation. It is also possible to have calf edema (swelling) that is a complication of another medical condition such as lymphedema.