Cold Toes

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Most people suffer every winter from cooling of the extremities, but they only start worrying when wounds appear for the first time. Exposure to cold normally results in a slower blood flow to the fingers and toes. The small arteries of the extremities narrow, reducing blood flow in order to preserve core body temperature.


The cold sensations in the toes can come from poor circulation, nervous system disorders, cold exposure and low thyroid disease. Several diseases of different origin may be associated with these symptoms that explain the changes in skin colour and the intense pain associated. The major caveat to detect a condition associated with the movement is when the feet and / or hands begin to have wounds appearing in the area between the thumb and index finger, which are very painful and non-healing.

In case of people with Raynaud disease, the small arteries constrict far more commonly in the fingers and toes, although the nose, ears and cheeks are also affected.


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