Dental Pain

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Dental pain is located around a tooth or jaw. It can vary from light discomfort or tenderness to unbearable pain. Dental pain is always a sign that a person should go to the doctor before it becomes a medical emergency.


The causes of dental pain include the following:

(1) Cavities, which are the most common cause of toothache. They are formed when bacteria in the mouth breaks down sugars into acids which combine with saliva dissolves the enamel and dentin. If not treated, decay penetrates deep into the tooth until the pulp is exposed. When food particles remain in large cavities, toxins secreted by bacteria inflamed pulp.

(2) Gum Disease represent the inflamed gums around the teeth and bone damage. Gum disease occurs when plaque produces toxins that irritate gums. The first symptom of this disease is bleeding gums, eventually causing the inflammation and painful infections.

(3) Tooth sensitivity occurs when the gum tissue around teeth is pulled away, exposing the roots. Pain occurs in hot or cold foods. The doctor can treat this condition with toothpaste or fluoride gel, but if the pulp is damaged, it needs filling channel.

(4) Tooth fracture, trauma or biting an object / food can result in cracking tough the teeth. Using or touching the cracked teeth produces a sharp pain. The problem can be solved with a crown, but if the pulp was exposed to infection, obstruction of the channel is required.

(5) Fillings - pain that can occur after filling a cavity produced by a tooth decay. This is due to the spread of decay in the pulp and therefore need to channel clogging. Pain can be caused by accumulation of fluid between filling and tooth organic impurities. Old fillings may deteriorate, causing pain. Appearance of wisdom teeth can cause pain when they are not aligned properly or when they are impacted in the mandible and require surgical extraction.