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Numbness and tingling often bothers us, but it is generally not serious. Raynauds disease (also known as Raynauds phenomenon) is a condition that causes some areas of the body to feel numb and cool in response to cold temperatures or stress. It mainly affects the extremities such as fingers, toes, nose and ears. This is a common condition of blood vessels that supply blood to the skin.


Small arteries narrow and restrict blood flow to affected areas. This makes the area became cold and white, with a feeling of tingling and numbness, eventually turning blue then red. It is sometimes painful. Often preceded by muscle contractions (tendrils), numbness legs result in most cases because of circulatory failure. Steps or gently massage the calf restore peripheral circulation, but if repeated frequently consult your needles. Circulatory insufficiency and varicose veins also explain tingling in the feet, common in women after a certain age. Diffuse and persistent numbness in the legs, the doctors called paresthesia, suffering nerve signals.

Diabetes, administration of drugs (chemotherapy), is the origin of the neuritis intoxication manifested by numbness. Also, some genetic diseases give numbness, but in these cases are accompanied by other signs such as weakness and muscle strength (neuromuscular dystrophy). Some brain tumours, stroke located in the frontal brain causes numbness in the legs. Very common among people is paraesthesia occurred after a herniated disc, which compresses the spinal cord or peripheral nerves. In these cases, surgery is the medical indication.

Diagnosis and Treatment

At first, the patient and the doctor check reflexes evaluates venous and arterial circulation. In case of doubt, the doctor may still require further investigation: electromyogram (an electrical recording of muscle activity), Doppler (ultrasound which provides information regarding blocking a blood vessel by a clot). In severe cases it is required computed tomography or magnetic resonance-imaging (MRI).


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