Abdominal Pain

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Abdominal pain also known as stomach ache can be one of the symptoms associated with transient disorders or serious disease. It is felt like a discomfort in the abdomen.


Very common for some people, mild abdominal pain is often caused by excessive alcohol intake, eating unwisely, or an attack of diarrhea. Pain in the lower abdomen is common during menstruation, but it is occasionally due to a gynecological disorder such as endometriosis. Cystitis is a common cause of pain or discomfort in the abdomen. Bladder distension as a result of urinary obstruction may also cause abdominal pain. Abdominal pain is caused by inflammation such as appendicitis, diverticulitis, colitis; by stretching or distention of an organ, for example, obstruction of the intestine, blockage of a bile duct by gallstones, swelling of the liver with hepatitis; or by loss of the supply of blood to an organ like ischemic colitis.

Acute abdomen pain can be defined as severe, persistent abdominal pain of sudden onset that is likely to require surgical intervention to treat its cause. The pain may frequently be associated with nausea and vomiting, abdominal distension, fever and signs of shock. One of the most common conditions associated with acute abdominal pain is acute appendicitis.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Investigation of abdominal pain may include the use of imaging tests such as ultrasound scanning, and endoscopic examination in the form of gastroscopy, colonoscopy, or laparoscopy.


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