Gait and Difficulty in Walking

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Abnormal gait is a deviation from normal walking. Walking requires many systems, including strength, and coordination functions. Many common problems in the nervous system and musculoskeletal system will result in walking abnormalities.

The walk in spastic hemiparesis is characteristic. Its most severe, abnormal limb position is caused by the spasticity. Swinging the leg forward during spastic walking requires hip abduction, often with contralateral bending of the body. The affected leg is flexed less than the normal foot during the balance before and is more than rotated externally.


Abnormal gait may be caused by diseases in many different areas of the body. General causes of abnormal gait may include: arthritis of the leg or foot joints, foot problems (such as a callus, corn, ingrown toenail, wart, pain, skin sore, swelling, or spasms), fracture, infection or injury, problems with the shoes, tendonitis, different lengths of the legs, or injections into muscles that cause soreness in the leg or buttocks etc. ...

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