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Paresthesia of the tongue, also known as numbness or tingling sensations in the tongue, is usually caused by some damage to the nervous system. Medically, the absence of sensation is called anesthesia. Sometimes, lips and/or jaws can be also affected.

Damage to the lingual nerve that supplies the tongue has been reported as a complication of dental procedures or surgery such as wisdom tooth extraction, implants, or root canal procedures. Other conditions that damage the nerves, as well as brain conditions such as stroke, can also cause numbness and tingling of the tongue.


Tingling tongue and lips, accompanied by dry mouth or soreness and a metallic taste could be due to burning mouth syndrome. For tingling that is associated with burning mouth syndrome, staying away from foods that cause allergies and tongue sores, taking a good diet which is a mix of all the nutrients, and exercising everyday to maintain one's physical and mental well-being, will help. Other causes that can cause tingling tongue are: hormonal changes that take place in the body of a woman during menopause; intake of certain medication or prevalence of diseases such as diabetes; intake of a diet which is deficient in the required nutrients for the body, deficiency of vitamin B12, is especially known to cause tingling sensation in the tongue; a fungal infection of the mouth or a tongue infection, known as oral candidiasis; acid reflux disease, in which the stomach juices flow back into the esophagus; allergies caused due to food or due to the materials used in the denture fittings or tooth.

Tingling tongue and anxiety are interlinked. Stress, depression and anxiety symptoms vary from person to person. Sometimes, these sensations extend to involve the lips and/or jaws.


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