Increased Thirst

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Increased thirst occurs when the body is deprived of its normal water supply, which leads to dehydration. This disease is life threatening in infants, children and people over 60 years.


Dehydration occurs when the body loses fluids. Severe dehydration can lead to kidney failure and cardiovascular collapse. Polydipsia is the medical name given to abnormal increases in thirst and can lead the patient to drink large amounts of fluid, usually water.

And occurs frequently in diabetics, and in many cases one of the first symptoms of the disease. There may be accompanied by other symptoms, such as osmotic diuresis. Also polydipsia is one of the signs of atropine poisoning. Another cause of the polydipsia may be the use of certain drugs (such as phenobarbital). Someone that simply drinking coffee, beer or soda can mistakenly diagnose psychogenic polydipsia, ignoring that the patient is consuming large amount diuretics.


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