Ingrown Fingernail

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Ingrown finger refers to a condition where an edge of a finger-nail or toe-nail grows into, or pushes against, the skin causing irritation and inflammation.


It may be caused by ill-fitting shoes or incorrect clipping of the nails. Age, lung disease and poor peripheral circulation can also cause the nails to curve inwards and hence increase the likelihood of ingrown nails.

Symptoms of an ingrown fingernail include: (i) Finger pain (ii) Pain is located around the fingernail (iii) Fingernail pain (iv) Skin redness next to the fingernail (v) Skin swelling next to the fingernail (vi) Skin tenderness next to the fingernail.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Treatment for an ingrown fingernail often includes warm soapy soaks and proper nail trimming. Partial nail removal may be required in some cases, in order to promote healing. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications may help relieve pain. Skin infections, such as cellulitis and paronychia, will require treatment with oral antibiotics.


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