Lower Leg Pain

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Pain in the lower leg can result from various causes and suggests the development of different types of treatment for leg pain. Pain may affect bones, joints and muscles.


Causes can be of different nature, depending on the origin of pain.

Muscular cramps are often caused by fatigue muscle, heat or dehydration. Applying heat to the muscles, tense or cold sensation in the muscles can relieve some symptoms.

Shin splints. This type of pain in the lower leg occurs when connective tissues and muscles along the edge of the shinbone become inflamed. This often occurs after running or jumping, especially on hard surfaces.

Inflammation of the tendons or muscles or broken. One of the first signs of tendinitis (tendon inflammation) is pain in the calf or the back of the heel. Applying ice, taking anti-inflammatories, and avoid anything that causes pain could help cure it.