Mouth Ulcers

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A mouth or oral ulcer is an open sore in the mouth, or rarely a break in the mucous membrane or the epithelium on the lips or surrounding the mouth.


The types of mouth ulcers are diverse, with a multitude of associated causes including: physical abrasion, acidic fruit, infection, other medical conditions, medications, and cancerous and nonspecific processes. Once formed, the ulcer may be maintained by inflammation and/or secondary infection. Two common types of mouth ulcers are apthous ulcers (canker sores) and cold sores (fever blisters, oral herpes). Cold sores around the lip are caused by viruses.

Diagnosis and Treatment

It is important to practice good dental hygiene, brushing teeth after meals and taking care particular not to damage teeth and gums. Some natural ways to treat mouth ulcers include: propolis from the beehive, chamomile tea, grapefruit seed extract, vitamin B12, B-complex vitamin, sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) free toothpaste.