Nails with White Spots

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The white spots appearing on nails are not caused by a calcium deficiency. They're called leukonychia and are very common.


Most of the time the white spots are simply a sign of some past injury to the matrix (base) of the nails. By the time the white spot shows up (about six weeks after the injury) the person would have probably forgotten all about banging or knocking his or her fingers. Sometimes, the injury can stem from a manicure that put excessive pressure on the base of the nails. The spots can also be a sign of an allergic reaction to nail polish or nail hardeners and, sometimes, are a symptom of a mild infection.

If all of your nails are showing white spots or streaks, the leukonychia could be related to another more serious condition such as anemia, cardiac disease, cirrhosis, diabetes or kidney disease.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Whatever the source of the injury, the spots typically do not require any treatment and should go away as the nail grows out. They should not return unless another nail trauma appears. Paying attention to changes and abnormalities in your fingernails is overall a good practice.