Nasal Injury

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Nasal injuries can damage the skin, bone, cartilage, or any combination. If you cut the skin on the nose requires cleaning and then closed with sutures or adhesive strips. The nasal bones are the most commonly fractured bones of the face as they occupy a prominent, exposed position and have little structural support.

The nasal bone fractures can cause a lot of swelling and can take about five days for the swelling. The medical review specialised in nose to exclude a septal hematoma.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Nasal fractures are usually identified visually and through physical examination. Diagnosis may be confirmed with X-rays or CT scans, particularly if other facial injuries are suspected. Minor nasal fractures are allowed to heal on their own.

Doctors may prescribe ice, pain medication, and nasal decongestants to ease discomfort during the healing process. For nasal fractures where the nose has been deformed, the doctor may attempt to realign the broken bone and cartilage pieces. This can be done manually, or, for more serious breaks, with an outpatient surgical procedure.